Tuesday, April 23, 2013

third post

My opinion about, "The Glass Menagerie", is the play overall was okay. The main characters were Tom, Laura, and Amanda Wingfield. there was also another character Jim O'Conner. Tom is an poet, who works at a shoe warehouse to suppoet his family. Because he doesn't like his job, he resolves it by drinking and going to movies. Laura, who is very shy and walks with a limp, because of her bad leg. She is very distance from the outside world, so she spends all her time with her records and her glass items. Amanda is the mother of Tom and Laura. She is a very animated person. She cant get rid of the memories of her past. Jim works at the shoe warehouse with Tom and was the popular athlete in high school. The story to me was Amanda basically tried to run Tom and Laura life. Always arguing with Tom about every little thing.

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  1. I believe this was a great play. my favorite character in this whole play was the mom. I really liked her because i loved the way she makes Tom mad no matter what she does. I don't believe that she should have tried to run there lives though threw the play. I believe that everyone has to make there own choices in life and just live with them.