Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fifth post

After reading a Good Man is Hard to Find, I thought it was an good story. It was an about a family who wanted to go on a trip. the father wanted to go to Florida but the grandmother didnt because there was a dangerous criminal named the misfit headed in that same direction. They didnt take her seriously so they end up going anyways. During the trip the grandmother plays games with the kids and tells the stories. She then tells them that it is an plantation the she had visited before. So they turned down a dirt road. After driving for a while, she remembers that it was in Tennessee, but she doesn't tell anybody. She then lets her cat out, which climb on the father shoulder and cause an accident. While waiting for a car, suddenly a car arrived but its not the help there looking for, its the misfit and his friends, and the grandmother recognizes him. She then starts to tell him how good of a men he is and he dont need to hurt them. He told his friends to take the father and the family into the woods to kill them. While that was happening, the grandmother was still trying to convince the misfit not to kill her, telling him to pray and he started second thinking. The grandmother sense some weakness and moved in to call him her child and reaches out to him. He responds by shooting her.


  1. I believe that this story was a good one. i like the way the tittle of the story does not show how the story really is. Most men would not read this story just because of the name but i found it entertaining.

  2. i found this story interesting, as i was reading it i began to like it even more.