Thursday, April 25, 2013

9th post

After reading the short story, The cask of Amontillado, I thought it was a very interesting story. It was basically about a men trying to get revenge on somebody else. He felt that he was insulted by him. So he meets up with him, and his dressed like he just came from an celebration or something like that.  He then tells him that he has some good wine called amontillado and the other men wants to see how it is. So he takes him there. It was in like a underground place. So while there walking farther into the underground place he is getting the other man drunker. He eventually finds like a dark hole and he puts him in there and layer bricks over him leaving one space available. He then starts torturing him until he pleads no mercy. The other men cries out to him but he wasn't hearing that. He then cover they last brick and buried him alive.

8th post

After reading the short story, The Chrysanthemums, I thought it was boring but it was a good story overall. It was about a women and her chrysanthemums. It took place at a ranch in the Salinas Valley.   As she occupy her time with the chrysanthemums and doing garden work, her husband is down the street doing a  business deal. He successful does his business deal and want to go to the town and celebrate. So they decide to go but after they both finish their work. So the husband goes back to work, the wife is still at home doing yard work and she is interrupted by a stranger asking her for directions. They start to have a nice conversation and she starts to have a connection with him. She turns tell him about her chrysanthemums and gives him a couple of sprouts. He leaves and the husband return back home. They get ready do they can go out to the town. So while driving she sees the stranger and his wagon. She also sees what she gave the stranger in the ground. She then looks at her husband and looks away and start crying. 

Seventh post

After reading the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, I thought it was a strange story but it was good. The story was about an couple renting a house over the summer.the wife feels uncomfortable with the house that they chosen but she got over it. The husband believes his wife is in some type of depression. So he finds a room for them so she can rest in it. She basically obeys everything that he tells her. And he also wins all the disagreements between the two. The wife wants to be a writer but her husband and some family members don't think that us a good idea. So she gets obsesses with the yellow wallpaper in the room because she basically doesn't have control of her own life. She begun tracing the wallpaper around the room and believes there is a women trap in it. So she starts peeling the wallpaper of the wall. Her husbands walks in and sees her doing it and just faints.

Sixth post

After reading the short story, Hills Like White Elephants, I thought it was an okay story and a real life situation that many people go through in life. It was about an women and a men who are at a train station at the bar drinking. The women then says the hills look like white elephants starting a little disagreement between the two. The disagreement starts to get tense and the men tells the woman that she should get an aboration, but only if she wants to. She agrees to it only because she wants their relationship to work but the men says don't do it for that reason our relationship is good, I was just worried about the pregnancy. So she then said I do it be because I don't care about myself and he said don't do it for that reason. So then the men tells her he will marry her. She tells him to stop talking. Then he tells her that she doesn't have to do the pregnancy if she doesn't want to. So the lady tells them that there train was about to come. The men goes get another drink. When he comes back the women is smiling. He asks her do she feels better, she says I never felt bad.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fifth post

After reading a Good Man is Hard to Find, I thought it was an good story. It was an about a family who wanted to go on a trip. the father wanted to go to Florida but the grandmother didnt because there was a dangerous criminal named the misfit headed in that same direction. They didnt take her seriously so they end up going anyways. During the trip the grandmother plays games with the kids and tells the stories. She then tells them that it is an plantation the she had visited before. So they turned down a dirt road. After driving for a while, she remembers that it was in Tennessee, but she doesn't tell anybody. She then lets her cat out, which climb on the father shoulder and cause an accident. While waiting for a car, suddenly a car arrived but its not the help there looking for, its the misfit and his friends, and the grandmother recognizes him. She then starts to tell him how good of a men he is and he dont need to hurt them. He told his friends to take the father and the family into the woods to kill them. While that was happening, the grandmother was still trying to convince the misfit not to kill her, telling him to pray and he started second thinking. The grandmother sense some weakness and moved in to call him her child and reaches out to him. He responds by shooting her.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

fourth post

My opinion on "The Fish", is it was a good poem. It was a bout a fisher man who caught like a 50 pound fish. The fish was all beat up. It had old hooks in it from the past where it look like it gotten away from other fisher mans. So after he caught it, the fisher man kind of felt bad, so the fisher man threw the  fish back in the water. Me personally, I wouldn't of done that, because i would of felt special because i was the only person to catch it and i would of been eating good for that night.

third post

My opinion about, "The Glass Menagerie", is the play overall was okay. The main characters were Tom, Laura, and Amanda Wingfield. there was also another character Jim O'Conner. Tom is an poet, who works at a shoe warehouse to suppoet his family. Because he doesn't like his job, he resolves it by drinking and going to movies. Laura, who is very shy and walks with a limp, because of her bad leg. She is very distance from the outside world, so she spends all her time with her records and her glass items. Amanda is the mother of Tom and Laura. She is a very animated person. She cant get rid of the memories of her past. Jim works at the shoe warehouse with Tom and was the popular athlete in high school. The story to me was Amanda basically tried to run Tom and Laura life. Always arguing with Tom about every little thing.