Thursday, April 25, 2013

8th post

After reading the short story, The Chrysanthemums, I thought it was boring but it was a good story overall. It was about a women and her chrysanthemums. It took place at a ranch in the Salinas Valley.   As she occupy her time with the chrysanthemums and doing garden work, her husband is down the street doing a  business deal. He successful does his business deal and want to go to the town and celebrate. So they decide to go but after they both finish their work. So the husband goes back to work, the wife is still at home doing yard work and she is interrupted by a stranger asking her for directions. They start to have a nice conversation and she starts to have a connection with him. She turns tell him about her chrysanthemums and gives him a couple of sprouts. He leaves and the husband return back home. They get ready do they can go out to the town. So while driving she sees the stranger and his wagon. She also sees what she gave the stranger in the ground. She then looks at her husband and looks away and start crying. 


  1. I felt kind of bad for the woman in this story i felt that she struggled with a lot

  2. i felt the same way, but the story did not really get my attention.