Tuesday, April 23, 2013

fourth post

My opinion on "The Fish", is it was a good poem. It was a bout a fisher man who caught like a 50 pound fish. The fish was all beat up. It had old hooks in it from the past where it look like it gotten away from other fisher mans. So after he caught it, the fisher man kind of felt bad, so the fisher man threw the  fish back in the water. Me personally, I wouldn't of done that, because i would of felt special because i was the only person to catch it and i would of been eating good for that night.


  1. This poem was really good to me. I remember when we first read this poem as a class and it caught my attention. I agree with you in this post because i believe i would have felt special being the only one to catch a fish like that. I don't believe i would have thrown that fish back.

  2. what the fisherman did was good because after seeing the fish he realized how much it had been through and decided to let it go.