Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seventh post

After reading the short story, The Yellow Wallpaper, I thought it was a strange story but it was good. The story was about an couple renting a house over the summer.the wife feels uncomfortable with the house that they chosen but she got over it. The husband believes his wife is in some type of depression. So he finds a room for them so she can rest in it. She basically obeys everything that he tells her. And he also wins all the disagreements between the two. The wife wants to be a writer but her husband and some family members don't think that us a good idea. So she gets obsesses with the yellow wallpaper in the room because she basically doesn't have control of her own life. She begun tracing the wallpaper around the room and believes there is a women trap in it. So she starts peeling the wallpaper of the wall. Her husbands walks in and sees her doing it and just faints.

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  1. i felt like he shouldn't have treated his wife like he did.